Powder Coating

“Your finished product will look amazing, last and is environmentally friendly.”
Why powder coat? Because it offers superior durability, is very resistant to corrosion, cracking, UV rays and most chemicals. It also has a wide variety of specialty effects that are impossible to achieve with other coating processes! We can handle a wide variety of sizes and quantities. Whether your project is new, old or rusty we can help!

We work on a daily basis with individuals and large corporations coating such things as electronic housings, motorcycle parts, automobile parts, Railings, Fencing, Patio furniture, Bicycle frames, Sculptures, Extrusions, Sheet Metal parts etc. Essentially any metal object that can withstand the 400 F. cure temperature can be powder coated. Powder coating is a type of finish that is applied as a dry powder electrostatically. The powder is sprayed through a positively charged gun using compressed air and applied to a negatively grounded part which is then cured in an oven. Results are a hard durable tougher than conventional paint finish.

We have hundreds of in stock colors, textures, and finishes. We have a large conveyorized line system (with a 70’ oven) that can accommodate large quantities as well as long beams, and extrusions . A conveyorized line system specializing in small parts with large quantities, both a 30’ & 12’ Batch ovens for our custom small & large projects.