Liquid Coating

“We have been preparing and coating metal for over 45 years”

With customer demands for hi-tech, high quality, more durable coatings it’s important to have options. To achieve these goals we offer two types of coatings, they are powder coating and Industrial fine finish liquid coatings. With this flexibility we are able to help you choose which application best suits your needs. There are projects where liquid paint materials provide features not available in powder. Liquid paint comes in a variety of chemistry’s and formulations. It can be better tailored to fit your application by choosing the exact color, texture and gloss. Liquid paint can be applied to completely assembled equipment, both small and large projects, metals, plastics, fiberglass as well as multi-colored detailed pieces. We paint parts ranging from large structural pieces down to small intricate parts.

Types of Industrial Fine Finish Liquid Coating

We coat many types of liquid coatings including Phenolics, Alkyds, Vinyl’s, Acrylics, Vinyl Esters, High build membranes, Polyurethanes, clear coats, metallic’s, urethanes and epoxies.
From simple air dry paints to complex catalyzed paints, we can help you choose the correct product for your application.

We have a large 80’ paint facility and a conveyorized line system for smaller more detailed projects.