Cleaning/Prep Work

“The best surface preparation for metal”
Proper metal prep is essential to the longevity of the coating. Effective metal cleaning, degreasing and prep work is vital to the painting process. Here at Steel Coatings we offer Vapor Degreasing, Aluminum Alodine, and a Burn Off Oven.

Whether you just need your parts degreased, burned off, prepped or turn key, we can help. Our experts will help you choose the right process for your project. Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing process, solvents in vapor form act as a degreaser to dissolve and remove contaminants from the surface. Industrial heat cleaning ovens (Burn Off Ovens) are an effective way to remove organic materials such as old paint, varnish, oil, grease, paint hooks, rubber and more from metals.

Aluminum Alodine is a pre-treatment of aluminum prior to painting. This Provides good corrosion protection, protects surface from scratching, and is especially effective for ensuring adhesion in harsh environments.

cleaning prep work