At Steel Coatings, we take pride in managing every step of the steel restoration and protection process.

To begin, we take charge of cleaning, degreasing and/or burning off all contaminants that can interfere with the painting process. Metal surfaces must be adequately prepared before a coating will bond properly. When this process is done correctly, the finish can last for years.

We also offer abrasive blasting, a service that can give a surface a specific look or remove the rust, mill scale, paint, or any other contaminants that otherwise could disrupt the finishing process.

In our lengthy experience, we have found that every company has varied needs when it comes to the metal finishing process. At Steel Coatings, we have varied coating services to match.

Our traditional, durable powder coatings offer chemical and corrosion resistance, UV-ray protection and more. Our liquid coating services also feature effective protection, but with more variety of chemistry that is available.

Our team goes beyond what you expect, delivering superior quality in every project we undertake. Trust Steel Coatings and our 52 years of experience — we get the job done right.

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