About Us

Steel Coatings is Utah’s top provider of coating services for a wide range of projects. We are conveniently located on 17 acres in Salt Lake City, we have a large industrial liquid facility, line systems and high-capacity batch ovens. Also, we are able to take care of your personal, unique items with customized solutions. We offer a wide range of surface preparation and finishing services for jobs large and small.

What Sets Us Apart?

Steel Coatings has been serving clients in Utah for over 52 years. In this line of work, an in-depth, practiced knowledge of industry materials and applications is essential to producing a coating that meets demand. That’s what we offer: a proven long-lasting finish for your metal components and systems that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

No matter the size or scope of your project, Steel Coatings can help preserve your equipment and materials with a protective coating. We customize our service offerings to achieve the results you want, regardless of industry.

Contact Steel Coatings today and find out more about all of the services we offer, the jobs we’ve done for past customers and the solutions we can provide for your organization today.